House Bill 936
Removing Home Study Requirement to Provide Evidence of Immunization

Any parent who has an 11-year-old child enrolled in an approved home study
program is currently required to provide evidence to the Department of Education
that their child has been immunized against the meningococcal disease.

While the Department of Education is currently accepting a simple check mark as
evidence that you have meet this requirement, we do not believe that a parent
should have to provide any information on their child's immunizations to the
Department of Education. House Bill 936 would fix this and remove home study
parents from this additional reporting requirement.

House Bill 936 was heard earlier today in the House Education Committee. The
Committee voted 13-1 to "defer" the bill. This means the bill has to voted on by the
Committee to be brought up again.

It appears that several of the Committee members are opposed to the bill because
they believe home study parents should have to have their children immunized
against the meningococcal disease. However, this is not the issue. The issue is
whether home study students should have to report their child's immunization status
to the Department of Education.

HB936 - 2010 Regular Session
Author: BALDONE Status:

Considered on 4/7/2010
(Meeting Adjourned)
Updated: 3/29/2010
Summary: STUDENT/HOME STUDY: Provides relative to immunization
against meningococcal disease

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Also, home schools that apply for approval using the approved home study
application are indeed approved. Home schools operating under the private
school option are not approved because they didn't ask to be. Neither are
they registered. They simply send in an annual notification of total
enrollment that the state keeps on file. So I guess the most we can say
about our private home schools is that we are "counted" or "recorded."

Q-2. What is the minimum ACT score for students completing a BESE approved home study program
for 2018?
A. The ACT qualifying scores for home study students for 2018 are:
TOPS Tech – 19
TOPS Opportunity – 22
TOPS Performance – 24*

TOPS Honors – 28*
November 1, 2017
*NOTE: The ACT scores above are TOPS requirements. The achievement of these scores does not
necessarily mean that you will meet the admission standards of the college of your choice since some
schools require minimum ACT sub-scores for admission. You should contact the admissions office for
the colleges to which you will apply to verify the ACT admission requirements for those schools.

Q.-158. I am a home study student. How does LOSFA know that I am interested in applying for TOPS?
A. Home study students are identified by the high school code they entered on their ACT or SAT
You should use the high school code 969999 on the ACT and 970000 on the SAT. These codes will cause
your name to be placed on a list of students to be verified by the Louisiana Department of Education
(LDE) as having being registered in an approved home study program.
If you complete the FAFSA, you will be asked, “When you begin college in the 2018-20198 school year,
what will be your high school completion status?” If you mark “home schooled” after this question,
LOSFA will include your name on the list sent to LDE if you have an ACT or SAT score of at least 19.
If you complete the TOPS On-Line Application, you will be asked to name the high school you attended
or that you were in a home study program. If you answer “home study”,

Q-159. Is a home study student eligible for TOPS in an early admissions program?
A. No. Only students enrolled in public or BESE approved private high schools are eligible for early college
admissions under the Department of Education’s Early College Admissions Policy. For additional
information, see the section above entitled “Early College Admissions.”
1. K-12 program, connection academy and a few others.
If you choose to use one of these or a similar one your family would not be able to join HSLDA because your
children would be enrolled in a public school. For more information about such schools and HSLDA’s position on
them, go here:

2. If you file with the state of Louisiana in using the Letter of intent or HOME STUDY PROGRAM
This is homeschooling and you will be eligible to join HSLDA.
You may join KEY if you choose either option 1 or 2.
But with option 1, neither KEY nor HSLDA can help you with any law or schooling issues.
By choosing option 1, you are only joining KEY to participate in activities and field trips and will not receive a
diploma or a promotion certificate from KEY. You will also not be able to hold a Board Position KEY.
Required Tests for New Students Entering Grades 4 through 9
July 8, 2013
Students entering grades 5 or 9 from home schooling or a nonpublic school
in Louisiana must take and pass the LEAP test. If your child has not taken
the LEAP test, he/she will have to take and pass the LEAP placement test
before he/she can enroll in 5th or 9th grades.
Students entering grades 4, 6, 7, or 8 from home schooling or a
nonapproved Louisiana nonpublic school must take
and pass a placement test before enrolling in these grade levels.
Students entering grades 4 through 9 from an approved Louisiana
nonpublic school or an out of state/country school do not need to take a
placement test before enrolling in these grade levels. Students will be
placed according to the grade level attained
from the out of state/country system.
If your child must take a test in order to be placed into a school, you will
be contacted by the Testing Department with the testing time and location
after you register your child.
If you have any questions, please call 349-7604.
HB444   by Representative Nancy Landry               
CRIME/SEX OFFENSES:  Adds private residences conducting approved home study programs to the crime of unlawful
residence or presence of sexual predator
Current Status:  Pending House Administration of Criminal Justice
HB764   by Representative Gene Reynolds           
STUDENT/HOME STUDY:  Provides relative to requirements for approval of home study programs
Current Status:  Withdrawn from the files of the House - prior to introduction  -  Considered 3/14/16
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03/08        H                  Withdrawn prior to introduction.
03/04        H                  First appeared in the Interim Calendar on 3/4/2016.
03/04        H                  Under the rules, provisionally referred to the Committee on Education.
03/04        H                  Prefiled.

If you or the school have questions about the withdrawal process please contact:
Sue Millican
Administrative Program Specialist
Office of School Choice
Home Study Program
Sue.Millican@la.gov    225-342-4776

Sample Letter to Public School for
“Notification of Enrollment”

(Your Name)

(Name of School child is withdrawing from)

(Child’s Full Legal Name)
(Birth date) (Race) (Gender)

To Whom it May Concern:
As of (date of home school enrollment), (child’s full legal name) is now enrolled in (name of your school).

(your signature)
(print your name)
Credit: Amy Dutsch
Good Morning Ms. LePine,

The parent or program that the parent chooses for homeschooling issues both the transcript and the diploma for their
homeschooled students.  The DOE does not.  When a homeschooler reenters back into the school system, the district will
evaluate the student according to their pupil progression policy and place them accordingly.  The policies differ from parish
to parish, so therefore, I do not know what is required of each parish for student reentry.  It may be quite possible that
these polices would require the student taking a placement test.  

To: Sue Millican
Subject: Questions about homeschool

I have questions that I would like your take on about high schoolers. Grade 9-12

Who issues transcripts? The parent or DOE.  

Who issues diplomas? The parent or DOE.

What is generally needed to have your high schooler/homeschooler reenter the public school? Example transcripts, test
scores, past approval for homeschooling from the state....

I am asking this question because I have a parent who said the school will not except his homeschool transcript. He was
only homeschooled for 1/2 year and is trying to start school for 2016-2017 school year.

Is it customary for a student reentering the public school setting to have to take a placement test?

Any other information you think may be equally important would be greatly appreciated.

Kelly Lepine

Parents may remove their student from school to homeschool them.  I have
never heard that you could not remove a student from 12th grade to
homeschool.  The parent may apply for approval to homeschool the student to
complete their 12th grade.  Once the parent receives the approval, they may
then withdraw the student from their current school and begin homeschooling.  
When the student has met requirements to graduate, the parent may issue the
diploma.  If the student is SBESE approved for home study, that diploma will
carry the same privileges as one issued by a state approved private school
according to LA R.S. 17:236.1(G).  However, if the parent removes the student
from school and homeschools them, the student will not be eligible for TOPS.  
My understanding of the TOPs law is that homeschooled students must have
11th And 12th grade SBESE home study approval to be eligible for TOPS.  
Check with the TOPS office at 1-800-259-5626, Ext. 1012 regarding their
Sue Millican